About us
My name is Karina Bettina Gisler, I was born 1957 and grew up on the countryside in Switzerland. I am traveling often, as a trainer and as a curious person. Nature, dance and art are my sources and great passions, especially Playback-Theater, which I do for more than 30 years now and which still passionates me.

My other haven is the love I share with my husband Yakov Yakushevskyi.

Karina Bettina Gisler

Yakov Yakushevsky
I am Yakov Yakushevskyi. I was born 1972 in Soviet Union in Donetsk. My first five years I lived in Siberia, then I moved back to Donetsk. In 2014 I moved to Switzerland because of love. My interests are photography, clowning, movies, music, Playback-Theater. Together with my beloved Karin we travel a lot in all over the world.
How can you describe your life path in a couple of sentences?
During my 63 years lifetime I was trained and worked as a farmer, cheese maker, advertising agent, teacher, actress. 1990 I discovered Playback-Theater. I founded my own company and became a professional actress and facilitator in this method. Today I work internationally as trainer and performer, mostly together with my husband Yakov..


I finished the School and Historical faculty in Donetsk University in 1995. I got trained as classical violinist during 16 years. I worked in typography, as a postman, real estate agent and polygraph. Territory of Dreams was the name of a private center of psychological support for families and children with special needs. There I got trained as a psychologist and worked for 8 years.

From 2004 on I had my Band «Point of Silence». I transferred poems of the poets of the Russian Silver Age into musical pieces.

In 2011 I discovered Playback-Theater.
How did you meet each other?
We found each other in the first International Playback-Theater Camp held in 2012 in Crimea. First we were friends, then lovers. We got married in 2014. We are both clowns inside, which makes our married life most of the time a lot of fun and a bit unpredictable.

Our motto is: Life as a miracle.

Karina & Yakov
Why you want to share what you do?

I would like to give something back to the world. I want to inspire people, hopefully they also have fun visiting our site and will get in touch with us and share.

I have a special interest in gender issues. In my blog „In Women's Shoes" you will find interviews with women around the whole world, different ages and circumstances. I hope to connect and inspire women around the globe.
I want to share our experiences on a platform and also connect with our friends when we are not home. It is a contribution. I still love to read travel blogs, it gave me a lot at the time - I hope to give something for all the people who cannot travel or who want to have more information.

What is your mission?
I like to connect and to inspire. I want to encourage people to explore their creativity and live their potentials fully.

And I love to share fun and laughter.


I want to bring some smiles and make people more happy. I like to share my humor and my soul. And fully express myself. And find my way to God.